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What can you expect to find behind these links.........

About us


Our first shelties


Our dogs

Introduction to our familie
Where we live
Short explanation puppies / shelties


Inroduction to our first sheltie
Our two rescue shelties
Our farewell to these three



click on the photo of the dog
our girls / our boys
On each page you will find a
description of their characters
Show results
Training programs


Our Stud dogs




Expected Litters

click on the photo of the dog
Our stud Dogs
Description of the dog.....
Character description and Pedigree

Decendants of our stud dogs


click on the photo 
Here you will find the parent dogs
Amount of puppies in this litter
From pup to adult dog
[ if photos are available ]

Information about expected litters
and / or what has been born recently
Lots of photos, week to week
  Also Where puppies are  Born or expected from our stud dogs

Our holidays


Dogs Holiday Address


Rehomed shelties

click on the photo for information
Holiday Austria [mountains]
Beach holidays
Beautiful Twente


Shelties that stay with us over the Years
Photos of our holiday dogs


Shelties looking for a new home
Apply for the waiting list

       Photo's  ..SM  Sheltie Reunion 2011   

Show results





Photo of cups / prizes won
All show results of our dogs
Where and when
Also some dogs that were bred by us
Photos while showing the dogs
[taken by others]
Short explanation under the photos
Secret Mystery meeting
of our Secret Mystery





Photo gallery



Fun photos and stories

Photoalbum : with photos of shelties,
Puppy gallery :photos of puppies

My grand daughter has her own page
in the Photo gallery with photos


New on the site 


     Dog Activities

The latest news  

      photos from others to share  
Dog sport
Show news
Days out with our Dogs
IInternational Sheltie agility Belgium              2011
International sheltie agility Italië                      2012
International sheltie agility Netherlands         2013
International shltiw agility Luxembourg          2014
International sheltie agility Germany              2015





Breeding /  Birth



Is divided into different subjects
click on a topic for information
grooming:    diet,    feeders…

lots of photos of
brushing, trimming of the ears,paws
and dental care

Very Important
DANGEROUS !!!!!   medicines and
POISON  ...Food
WURM cures:    how often and when
INJECTIONS :     how often and when


 Photos and information :
just before the birth
the birth  / c- section
The growth of the pups until they leave  us
to join their new families.

Height    EU and USA
Sheltie Colours   
Eye test.  
Dangerous medicines
Poison Food

Here you can find other sheltie related
Some breeders I know personally and
who we have worked with for our

Kennels  working with our bloodlines

Sundries: important or fun sites
                                                We are a member of the Dutch Sheltie club.
                              Dutch Kennelclub Raad van Beheer  and   Germany Sheltie News.   
All photo's on our website are our Dogs,  Kids our males or Dogs from frends. (with permission )
                                    Dogs got microchip and Dutch  R. v. B   Pedigree    Export pedigree
                    Fédération Cynologique Internationale  For Dogs WorldWide
...              Import dogs are regristrated by    AKC   American Kennel Club   
..............                      Cameron "Blue Heavens" - Josh and Chasyn "Compass kennel "
.......           .            CKC   Canadese Kennelclub
............                              .Damiën "Playland "and Chermain "Tru Lee kennel"
....               .            ÖKV    Österreichische Kynologenverband
............                         Darcy "Montana Spitit kennel"
.......           .         VDH   Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen  
...........                             .Tosca  t   "Chinderella von Stadtlohner Wappen"
    RvB :     Raad van Beheer  NL  /    Dutch kennel club
                                         Officiele exam:  Dogsport
                                                    Working dogs Cynophilia ( Raad v Beheer NL )
                                                                      GG.0-1-2-3  +  GH 1-2 - VZH
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