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                 We hope everybody will send us news  from  Show Agility dogdancing health test 2013
  27-28-04    Sweden and   Norway   weekend shows both days Maya and Ice   Very Good  both Cameron kids         Opencl
  27-28-04   Sweden  2 times  SM....Santana daughter Luna x Josh     2 and 4 Excellent                                                  Juniorcl
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           Our Dogs and Kids our Dogs !!!!
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                                Int..Sheltie agility   2013   in NL                                   We hope to see you all !!!    in NL  
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Informatie          Int. Sheltie Competition   Kids we say....

On  the list : Nadine / Chaim son   Xanadu Switserland -   Marzia  / Cindy daughter Cameron  ItaliŽ
Skully  daughter our Josh team Germany    Patricia / Maphya  daughter Josh   Netherland
Debbie / Match son our MItch Mitch team Netherland  .      and we meet friends from Austria and England
                         Portugal  Sheepy Cameron daughter .. Salty Santos daughter and Spicy Josh daughter ..


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tri color girls  - blue merle boy  - Bi blue boy    -- tri color boy and our Panda  ....


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                  Here we  COME
                with more news
                                                                  First shownews  2013
27-01-2013 Noorwegen SM Santana 3 VPen Zora 2 VP ... Ice zoon van Cameron  1U
27-012013  Czech. Magic of Scalloway Castle  (A)  Champion kl... 3 Excellent
26-012013  Rijssen  Nl  entreeī15 shelties  Judge R. van Veen-Keur  NL   And  here we come .
                      Winner this day is   !!!!        Secret Mystery Dressed to Pleasure Mitch
           Best of Breed              Best veteran in Show !!!!   and 5th  in Working/ Group
18-05-  2013     Arnhem NL  Tess and MItch 2 Excellent  La Toya 2 Excellent   James 2 Very Good
 15-06-2013 Midzomershow Rijssen  NoŽl first show  1Very Promising  at  28 weken
                                            Granddaughter Romťe with Joya  nr 3 all breeds
  2 tri color daughters from Josh  Germany  Sissi   nr. 1 Very Promising.
 Spain Pebble  winning    ( again)  Group nr 1 now Junior cl and Look !!! 
 Norway   Zora got Excellent, CK 1 best Junior Female    Ice got Excellent, CK, 1 best male, CERT and BOS
Norway   Zora. Excellent, CK, 1 JKK    Ice. Excellent, CK, CERT, 1 BHK, BIM
14-072013   Belgie  Lokeren  Montana  1 Excelent and    en Luna Very Good
                                                                  Healthtesten 2014

      More     Sportieve  Show News   2013                       

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                                                      New Spanisch Sheltie Team  Barcelona  ....Thank you so much for this photo !!!!
Joody Mitch daughter   Pebble  Josh daughter  Wembley Darcy x Cameron daughter   Honey bee  Luna x Josh daughter
 04-08 2013    Belgium  Leuven  SM This is it    res../ CAC   res..CACIB       daughter Tess x Xanadu         openkl
 25-08-2013    Belgium  Mons    SM This is it   CAC -- BOB-- 4th best in Group nr. 1                                      openkl



23-04-2014  We have to say goodbye   Santos
03-03-2014 Pups  La Toya x Cameron 8 weken / 8 weeks and leaving  
02-02-2014 NoŽl    8 weeks old  and    standing now as Stud     
22-12-2012 Meet our NoŽl  
08-05-2012  NEW see  our Working Dogs
03-02-2012 New Winter Wonderland
04-07-2011 Photo's Secret Mystery Sheltie treffen ( Reunion)
   Baby's eye testing photo's
  Photo's C-Section kids Cameron x Joya
  new photo's  breeding  page ( Color  combination )
Show Kids our Males in Other Countries   Santos, .Josh, Mitch, anadu,Cameron,Chermaine
Magic:   Austria  and Hongar Champion                                                                           Santos
Salty:     Portugal      CAC/CACIB                                                                                      Santos
Fay:       Austrai  Jugend Sieger   J.CAC                                                                   Tess x Chermain 
Finn:      Austria  son  Fay en  grandson  2 Uitmuntend                                        Tess x Chermain    
Spicy :    Portugal      res .CAC                                                                                                Josh
Levi :     Switserland :   Beste Pup  en nu Beste jeugdhond   J .CAC                                 Josh
Djuma:  Germany   J.CAC  res,  J CAC + CAC                                                                      Josh
Pebble:  Spain  1 very Promising.beste baby                                                                          Josh
Zora :    Norway 1 Excellent  BOB nr.1 in Group  4th BIS                                    Luna x Josh
Santana: Norway 2 Excellent                                                                                    Luna x Josh
Fu :        Germany   2de beste jeugdhond                                                                             Mitch
Sandy :  ItalÔe  res .CAC/CACIB                                                                                          Mitch
Joshy :   Germany Best puppy in show                                                                               Mitch
Chenoa: Germany 1 CAC                                                                                                     Xanadu
Bambi :Austria  Best baby in show                                                                                   Xanadu
Black Pearl   2 Very promising                                                                                           Xanadu
Beethoven: Austria     3 Excellent                                                                          Joya x Cameron
Blaze :   Germany  J.CAC                                                                                                    Cameron
 Lee :      Germany 1 excellent CAC VDH CAC                                                                 Cameron
 Lena:    Germany 1Very promising  Titel  Baby Kontinent Sieger                                 Cameron
 Maya : Norway2 Veel belovend   babykl   + 1 x Beste teven pup and  Excellent         Cameron
Ice :       Norway Beste Baby 2 BIS + Beste Pup en 7de Best in Show   res cacib          Cameron         
Lucy ;   GermanyJ.CAC + res.J.CAC                                                                                  Cameron
Holly:   GermanyJ.CAC + res.J.CAC                                                                                   Cameron



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