Secret Mystery Studdogs  

English / USA  and Mixed  / Amer x Eng Bloodlines

All dogs are tested for CEA HD MDR ....

DNA   all our dogs ..
         Onze honden of kids van onze honden  in  20 landen      //   Our Dogs or Kids our males in  19 different  country
      Netherland - Germany - Belgium- Luxembourg -  Czech -  Hongary  - SloveniŽ -Austria -   Switserland -    ItaliŽ  - Portugal - Spain.
      Nederland - Duitsland-  BelgiŽ     Luxemburg-   TsjechiŽ - Hongarije  SloveniŽ- Oostenrijk - Zwitserland - ItaliŽ -Portugal - Spanje
                           Danmark - Norway - Finland -  Zweden -  Great  Britten - France -  Unit Arab Emer (Dubai) and  Mexico
                  Denemarken- Noorwegen- Finland - Sweden- Groot BritaniŽ ( Engeland) Frankrijk -Ver. Arabisch Emiraten  en Mexico
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               Matings??  we say NO !!!!         Sable  x Blue merle  or  Blue merle x Blue merle or Color Head White dogs
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                      Meet our new  young Studdog     " Secret Mystery for Some One  Special    " NoŽl "
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     Secret Mystery for Someone Special

Secret Mystery  "Dressed to Pleasure"

"NoŽl " HD A - MDR1+/+   38.5 cm "Mitch"     HD A -   MDR 1 +/+   36 7   cm
Genetisch CEA free-   no disticiasis - non white factor CEA    free - no disticiasis     bi factor sable  --   WF
pure for Sable  Mix    USA / GB Mom  100% English  x  Dad 100% American/Canadian
prooft as stud prooft as stud
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  Secret Mystery "Indigo Blue Diamond"  Bi blue
  Indigo" 100%  USA  HD ??  -   MDR 1 +/+  WF
  geneticul  CEA    free  36.0 cm
  sone more!!!  about Indigo ...
     Click on photo for more information
Blue Heavens  "A Secret Mystery"  bi black Secret Mysterys "Magic Compass  Tri color
"Cameron"  100% USA      HD A -   MDR 1 +/+  "Josh"  100% USA   HD A -   MDR 1 +/+    
geneticul  CEA    free  36 cm geneticul  CEA    free  36.5 cm
           Chermain staat niet meer ter dekking 
In memorie  26-09-2014  --- 23-04-2014    No studdog anymore
           Klik op foto voor meer informatie                Click on photo for more information
 Secret Mystery " Legend Of The Fall" 36 cm "True Lee Charmed" Secret Mystery  36 cm
  HD-A  - MDR 1+/+   naturel tipping ears  HD-A  - MDR 1+/+  sable 
  tric factor  sable .CEA free  import Canada   CEA free
    Chasyn  staat niet  ter dekking //  NO Stud                        Wegens blessure tijdelijk niet terdekking
    Secret Mysterys "Silver Compass"     SM "Oh me Oh my O'th Nite  
'' Chasyn'' 100%  USA  HD A -   MDR 1 +/+ "Xanadu"  HD A -   MDR 1 +/+  
geneticul  CEA    free  37.5 cm  Bi blue geneticul  CEA    free  36 cm  tri factor sable
         Klik /click op foto voor meer informatie   ..          Klik op foto voor meer informatie      
  New Studdogs ...other Kennels but family
Nieuwe dekreuen  in NL en  in het buitenland ..
  Secret Mystery  Jean Paul Gaultier   Secret Mystery  Compass  leads my Way 
( Sky)  lives in Germany  Junior Champion  ( James)   Emmeloord NL
MDR1 +/+ . CEA genticul free,  no disticiasis HD.B   MDR 1 +/+,  Cea free no disticiasis, 37.5 cm , HD.A
 full dention      Bi /.,tri color     son our  Cameron x La Toya  full dention ,tri color  son our Josh x Luna
email :
Information : Stephanie Lahme   information  Melanie    Xyloswater kennel 
                            Elmo v.  Tjariet      prooft as studdog information:  Wia   Van   Tjariet    kennel       Groningen  NL
..    ..
    looks like his grandma our Celsey     prooft as  studdog   Santos son 36 cm         his mom  daughter our Mitch
 Englisch line ,Full  dention , pure for sable .,WF HD A- MDR 1+/+ -CEA free  - 36. cm   Excellent  on shows

Josh-Santos-Mitch- Chermaine -Chasyn -Cameronand little,, ME ,, Xanadu.
Klik op foto voor pagina:" SM The Boys" samen                      Click on photo for page: "SM  Boys" together
 Dekreuen van onze Mannen in het Buitenland           Studdogs our males in different Countryīs
      Shamrock River          Look for a Star " Djuma "
           Secret Mystery Magic Compass      Josh his son
                             GERMANY    CAC ...res CAC....
                               Mix      Eng x USA
  Djuma 37.5cm  (bi) ? factor tri color   HD A  MDR 1 +/-
        full dention   Patella free  ED free     Excellent  Show and
agility ...     informatie : Sylvia  Fšhsel     (Berlin)
Josh his son Djuma
                     information:      * Zitara kennel     
                              NORWAY CHAMPION
     south   Noorwegen // Norway  ( Magnor )
              Bi blue    ICE       Cameron son  
         Prooft as studdog           Mix   ENG x USA     
  Show; Excellent.. full dention  36.5  cm   MDR1 +/+                
               Non white factor  non Tan  ---- Bi blue
           HD A .  Hipps Excellent          CEA-geneticul  free
        4th Best junior showdog 2012  CACIB
                       5th Best young showdog 2013
         International  /Austria Champion    !!! 2013
 lives in Oostenrijk /  Austria  (  Graz  )
info.:   0f Scalloway Castle
Barbara Gaal  ..
 "Magic " tri color  Santos son   100% ENG line
        Show:        Hungar and Austria Champion
         Agility  Champion     2010   -  2011
      HD A  -  MDR 1 +/+        CEA  free -   36.5 cm
    Full dention  --naturel tipping ears -   non white factor
             Duitsland  //   Germany 
bi -  tri color      Blaze Cameron son   white factor
     HD A - MDR1+/-  CEA free -  full dention   38 cm
                       J. .CAC excellent on show
                  ItaliŤ // Italie  (Savona|)
            Bono  v Tjariet  a  tri color  Mitch  son
CEA free -  MDR 1 +/+      HD A   -  non white factor 
    full dention naturel tipping ears.      show Excellent  -  agility
Info:   Spiritsdog  kennel  ItaliŽ  ...



                       Duitsland / Germany
Lee von Teckelenburge Berge   Cameron  son
     Geneticul  CEA free -  MDR 1 +/+     HD A  -  35.5 cm
geregistreerd  VDH / CAC     korklasse  2     full dention
  Informatie Marianne    kennel v.   Schapentoedde   (D)


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