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                            We like to Play           We like to RUN       Come on let us begin  !!!
                                                  photo.s  Secret Mystery dogs  checkhere!!!
      training Madison       watch-v=HQECw5GDKKw&feature=player_embedded  
                 Meet our  Secret Mystery    Working Dogs         and Kids our males  in all Countries
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        MOM  Nayna   VZH           Daughter Celsey    3th CW                    Daughter Tess  1th  CW
 Nayna Obedience GG.O              Celsey Obedience GG.O                          Tess GG.0+GG.1+ VZH    

Mitch  son our Celsey  is our showdog         Obedience  EG....A.B.C


       Our Flying sheltie Fame daughter Santos x Nayna   Flyball  + Obedience GG.O

                         2 Kids our Celsey  Joya and Santos

     Joya   Sheepherding and GH  1+2               Santos  obedience GG.0 + VZH  +   2 x  Clubwinner
    Chermaine   GG.0  official diplom + Award
                      3th Clubwinner
                                                         our youngest Participants
Obedience training  Darcy A-B 3th place  Cameron EG.B nr .1 -La Toya EG.A nr 3  + B
 Chasyn   EG A B  en C  (nr. 1 )                   


 Europe open Sheltie Behendigheid  ...BelgiŽ 28- 29-30 Oktober 2011   voor foto's klik hier
   Match Maphya Nina        Spicy Yara    Noa Yinte        Cameron Sheepy Salty Sandy Mitch Cindy
                  Europe open Sheltie Behendigheid   Italie  November 2012   Portugal and ItaliŽ team
Luis with Spicy. Sofia with Salty and Sheepy.  Susanna with Sandy  and Marcia with Cindy
    Europe open Sheltie  agility Italie 2012
s              Photo.s here / klik hier  
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     Barcelona 2013:   Joody Mitch daughter,  Pebble Josh daughter,   Wembley and Honey  Cameron daughters .
      Meet Kids Our Males  Nl  - Germany - ItaliŽ - Austria - Portugal - Spain -Switserland


                                                 Kids our Mitch  Italie  Netherland   Spain and Germany
 Therapy dog  Europe 2012  Sweden nr. 4 IT team  Sandy daughter Mitch IT Champion  5 x CW     
                                                                            Trainer and owner Susanna
 Dogdancing  and Sheepherding    NL  level 3    Match son Mitch     Nr. 2  2012     England
                        Mons   Plutonis
          Jody bi black  daughter Mitch 
    grandchild Cameron training  Spain
       Training from Carlos Barcelona
        Angels Beauty Dancing Queen    Candy
                    daughter Gp x Mitch
             Training Crazy Dogs Germany  Angelika  Peter 
                                                                    Kids our Santos Austria  - Portugal  and NL



  World Championchip 2012 in Liberia (Czech)

Show Hongar and Austria Champion  studdog !!!!   Trainer  and owner Sofia  ( Luso Shelties)   Salty      watch-v=Ykb1sflXgLk&feature=share
Magic son Santos  clubwinner Agility (A)    Salty      daughter Santos  Level 3 CW  Portugal
          Costa  son our Santos Dogdancing
                                          Kids our Josh  Switserland  - Germany  - NL - Portugal 
                                  3 Kids from Josh select for Swiss cup 2013 Switserland  Levi Skully  Djuma
 Bi blue Levi son from Josh  Switserland
              Swiss-Agility Cup 2012
          Medium nr.1 Levi-Lean 2. Rang
. ..
                                                                  Levi  Scully Djuma  3 litter kids Malaika x Josh
 Scully  tri daughter Josh  Germany    Djuma  tri son   Josh  Germany also STUD !!!
       Djuma level 2    video !!!           video Djuma 
 Nina daughter Josh  NL   and  litter sister    Maphya  NL  both in  Belgium 2011  Europe open
  Trainer and Judge owner  Luis  Portugal                        ( Luso shelties) 

 Qualified for World Championchip 2012 in Liberia (C)

Together with Santos his daughter Salty

With Salty NR. 2 team in Int. Sheltie Italie 2012

Spicy daughter JoshFrance WK 2011 (POR..)   watch-v=JNDJxa2uL0k&feature=relmfu


              Kids our Cameron  Italie  - Portugal  - Austria  -Spain - Germany -Netherland
  Cindy  tri daughter Cameron in Italie                        Sheepy  bi black daughter Cameron  Portugal
Hi Betsy
I write to' you just for tell Cindy   is the winner in her first Agility competition!
She is first in Agility course, first in jumping course and first in combination!!!
She is a very serious and speedy dog!!

 Big Hug Marcia . trainer and owner  in Italie   ....

Training Sofia and  Luis Internationaal Judge and trainer ..

   watch-v=JgQfyZW3fcI&     Level 2

                  Sheepy nr 2...10-02 - 2013

 Janis Austria dogdancing and Agility Jimi Spain first competion 2 times Nr.1    Febr 2013
.......                     . .    ...      

Vincente with Jimi trainer  and owner  Valencia

     2 Bi Black      Janis daughter Cameron in Austria   litter   brother Jimi  in  Valencia Spain Born 2011
       watch-v=halxiYz0Vwo watch-v=5bpt5ENFHRo&feature=em-share_video_user
Raven bi black daughter Cameron  both in Germany
                                4 agility kids  trainer  Angelika and Peter  Judge and trainer Crazy Dogs Germany
SM Coco Chanel   daughter La Toya  Austria Abby  nr. 3 Jumping tri col daughter Cameron (D)
son Neo  bi black  Nr. 1 and daughter Abby Nr. 3                 Devil bi black son Cameron
                Neo and Abby brother and sister                          Fly and Devil   kids 1 litter  of Angels beauty kennel  ( D)
 video Neo        watch-v=_mKQS2T1its                                        entree 11   Devil    Jumping  op NR.1  
 Jutlandia cup 2012  in Danmark                                        Fly nr. 1 funagility  2013 foto
Cox bi black  son Cameron Austria  Fiero son Cameron  Agility Dogdancing Obedience
     Fiero   belongs to the same litter Janis and Jimi 3 X Bi black            watch-v=sqP7M46uyZY&
 Sable  son Cameron King  nr.1  lives in Germany training Cracy dogs
                    Wembley  bi black daughter Darcy x Cameron Agility     Barcelona Spain Agility
                                                                                   Son  our  Xanadu   Switserland
     Chaim son our Xanadu    Switserland
      Agility  Obedience Dogdancing Military
               qualifeid  Swiss cup 2013 Switserland 



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