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.....We`re having puppies.....

Alot takes place before hand. Our bitches aren`t mated with before their second year. Just before their cycle begins, they are given a wormcure and we check whether they need their annual injections. As soon as the cycle begins, they have a general checkup at the vets. Then we give them a antibiotic cure for 5 days to make sure there aren`t any vaginal bacteria which is also better voor the dog we want to use. We have before hand chosen the dog we want to use and hope that this is possible. The right day for the mating is on an average of the 11- 15 days  but that can differ.(our kennel mating 1 time with 7 days and also 22 days) 

Before we choose a stud, we first look at the bitch we want to breed with

    But take care!!!!!!!

                                                                                      Breeding remains a gamble!!!!!!
      Camerom : I'm so in Love with you!           meet my first date her Name is Lilly   Lilly : waauh  what a Handsome Guy !!!
       Lets Rock  and Roll  !!      6  November 6 Puppies  6 Males
       1 tri color male stay at the kennel


                                                    It was a Raining day .. But who cares? .Same Couple 1 Year later   
             Again 6 puppies now with 4 females                 2 girls and 2 boys stay at the Kennel
                                                               another mating          It was a Raining day .. But who cares?    LOL
As we work with nature, we will have a total surprise from time to time.  Even if we do our utmost to do it right


It is not only the NEW parents that matter Many generations before them, whom we know little or nothing about,                                        play an important part
It is very easy to blame the breeder..... Also the stud often gets the blame.  It is really  a matter of 50%-50%


It is only AFTER de pup is Born that we may realise that the combination male/bitch is not quite what we had hoped for.
No breeder will succeed in breeding just showdogs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          If  one set of parents has 10 children, they will all be different, with different hair, different character, different height,                              different intelligence, etc. etc.     It is the same with dogs                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        But, OK, one has to start somewhere On the "our dogs"  and "litter" pages of our site, there is a lot of information                                        about our own dogs  and the dogs bred by us

Shelties we know in 5 different colors

Sable -Tri color  -Bi Black -Bi Blue - Blue merle ( Tan)

These are our colors,   for mixed with colors  see color chart

Our Sable
Sable  with Braun eyes
IVY Izra Nayna

( tri factor)

Gold Sable ( light color) pure Orange Sable (  pure for sable) Mahogany  Sable




Bi and white factor Sable

tri faktor Sable  (Dark) Bi factor sable See white on  back leg. !!
Breeding both parents with white factor  ( WF)   Puppy's  colors :  non  WF pups.   With WF and color head White  ( CHW              
Example:  sable / white CHW ,pup

Joshy  son our Mitch

also can be in Tri color - blue merle             and bi colors

Puppy's  are very beautiful and in Good Health,  only wearing to much White    ( sadly  not for show or breeding. .)..
Sable:  only breeding with Sable - Tri color or Bi black   
     Our AOAC colors
Tri color  with Braun Eyes
Fame                                                                                             Josh
Pure for Tri color Bi factor Tri color (  see no white factor 
Tri color : can be used  in  all colors    (  tri - blue  - sable and bi colors )
our Bi Color Dogs   
Bi Black only with Braun eyes
To get Bi colors you need both Parents with Bi factor.
Becaus I saw a vew grey hair on Josh his ears
We tested (  also Cameron )  for coat color . Both are NOT wearing a Merle factor.  Thats good ...
Chasyn Cameron                      
                       Bi Blue  NO tan color                       Bi black or Black and White with WF           
Bi  Blue / Blue merle  is possible with   Braun and  Blue eyes  mixed or both.
Chasyn with Tancho son our Josh Frido son our Josh
different between Bi Blue and Blue merle  Blue merle with Tan
Blue only can be used with Bi Black or Tri Color
                                                                What do we like... What can be better? Look at your own Dog  
1. What  color is your dog?  . And what  color would we like to end up ?     .(see color chart
2. What about the size? At shows one  prefers 37 cm for a male, and 35,5 cm for a bitch / USA (13-16 inc) But as long as the size. . .   does not exceed 2,5 cm above or below, it wil not be considered a fault.     (see growth chart)
3. What about the teeth (See chart) are they missing teaths?   Use a dog with full dention.
4. What about the eyes. Is the bitch  NOT  CEA/CH free. Look for a stud who is geneticul CEA/CH  free
.   Maybe she is troubled by extra eye lashes  (disticiasis ?    ( see chart )    use a dog  with NO disticiasis problems
5. Hips? When it has been tested, it will be written on the pedigree (sometimes of many generations back)

explanation Hips  (see chart)  your female got HD B hipps?    use only  Hd A ( free) dogs

6. MDR 1 tested? Some medicines can be very dangerous for shelties   ( see chart
your dog tested and got MDR 1+/-   or  more worse Mdr 1 -/ -    use only  dogs  with MDR 1 +/+
    And then ofcourse the way the dog is built ...
    The characters have to be super
    Many shelties still have the herding instinct .
    For some people very importend.   

And then the big moment.......when is my little girl... in the MOOD...

We always try two matings 

You want to be sure for the right moment ?
Special for people who has to travel try   [ bloodtest]   [ .see  Progesteron


Celsey 1X  mated on the 15 -16 day ,  2X  13 -14 -15 - day
Nayna  1X  mated on the  17 -18 day  but also once on the 22st day.
Tess    1X  mated on the 13 -14 - day.   1x 10 day  3 puppies and also 1 x 16-17-18 day. 4 puppies.
We always try two matings to heighten our chances.

When do you define whether they are ready.
Our dogs are always openly and very very much in.......Love.......
Always showing off their behinds and the tail to one side. If they stand still when the dog is ready to mate,then we know it`s time.
Up until now everything has happened in a natural way for our dogs and I hope it stays that way.I don`t like forced or manipulated matings and haven`t had to have a bloed test done. Maybe we`ve just been lucky up until now.
Then it`s time for the Blinddate,


Has the mating been a success? We talk about a successfull mating if the dogs have coupled but that is not a certainty that pups will come out of this coupling. Then the uncertainty begins, are puppies going to be born, how many, what colour, male or female.
From the 59th day they can arrive but usually it`s around the 63rd day.
Our experience: 1x 62 day  2x 63 day  3x 64th day   1x 65 th day..
Usually ,we`re too curious te wait so long and have an
Ultra sound done between the 28th and 32nd day.

Thanks:   Veterinary clinic Twente te Enschede


If you can see the embryos with a beating heart, we have life but again not the certainty that this pup will be born alive. Exactly how many pups can be expected is also difficult te determine, there is often alot of movement in the abdomen.
1x  saw 3 but 4 were born,  2x  saw 3, 2 days later again a dead pup again 4 were born , 3x  saw 2 with alot of effort but 4 were born.
1x   echo was made at 7 weeks, 2 were seen and 3 were born
Nayna x Santos were a complete surprise.
Ultra sound was made, could find nothing and  5 healthy pups were born.



At 7 weeks,it was obvious that Nayna was Also at 7 weeks, you can hear the puppies hearts
expecting. She was wel rounded.       beating, feel and see movement.

X -ray  63 day

        6 puppies  from Cameron x Lilly   



I consider this a wonder everytime and thoroughly enjoy it. Then the day arrives that the pups should announce themselves.Make sure that the room temperature is about 24 degrees. The birth usually starts with alot of panting and digging a nest and looking for comfort with me.


Tess`s whelping box was ready and waiting


but she had other ideas about how it should look

Then the first pup arrives: Normal Birth!!



watersack is visible


head now emerging



pup is born


still half in the embryoticsack



pup with placenta


umbilicle cord is cut



lovingly the pups are looked after by mum


our proud teenage Tess with her 4 pups.

                                                                             Birth with C-Section
On 2nd June 2009 Joya's and Cameron's pups were born       by        Caesarian Section.
Even though a Caesarian was medically spoken not necessary, a scan proved that of the four pups to be seen, two were normal, one was very small and one had died.
To prevent infection and a possible emergency operation in the middle of the night,                                                                   we made an appointment for the operation.
Another reason was that the operation could be done by our own vet, where as in the middle of the night by .....who knows???
Unfortunately the smallest pup did not make it. our,,, Heart Breaker ,,, weight 90 gram.
                                           At Home                               in the Clinic
                       And here we are.. Home sweet Home.

            Ooooh! I`m starting to grow!

When the pups have all been born, it`s possible that one can be very small and need extra feeding by us to help it along. This happened to us in a litter from Celsey x Impy. Pups under 150 grams at birth get our extra attention, especially if they lose weight.
Our Joya was only 82 grams at birth. She wasn`t sick or weak, just too small to suckle from her mum so we gave her tube feeds first every 3 hours dag and night and later bottle feeds.



Joya at birth only 82 grams.


Tube and bottle fed to help her along.


To keep a check on their growth, we weigh the pups everyday.The heaviest pup at birth we`ve had was
336 grams. A male from Tess and Mitch.
  We also clip the claws every week to avoid hurting mum while they are drinking.



They get their wurmcures at 2-4-6-8 weeks.


At 3.5 weeks old, we give them porridge.or meat

At 6 weeks, the first puppy injection and Health Research
Thanks :Veterinary clinic Voortman in Goor Hof v Twente
Check:  Microchip-  Ears - Eyes [ Not ACVO or CERF test }  Belly buton -,Coat- Weight ,Teaths
Check male for Christmas balls LOL  Heart  -Longs       I've everything is checkt and in Good Health
                                                   We got our first puppyshot. !!       with 9 and 12 weeks another shots.
Kennelcaugh  only when we go to show or Puppy training ...  Rabbies with 6 mon. or earlier for traveling
and from de 5th week on, the chipper can be expected from the Dutch Kennel Club and litter controle .



Left: Injection and microchip

Right: microchip





administering the chip


reading the chip


The eyes are tested at about 6-7 weeks old for  CEA [collie eye anomaly] click here for Pfoto's eyetesting.

 and Distichiasis [ extra eyelashes]   can often be seen at this age.
Around 9 weeks old, when all the tests have been done and the pups are healthy, they can join their new owners.


....Interesting to know....


before the pups, a full coat


after the pups, she sheds her whole coat



Between the 10 -14 day, the eyes begin to open


The ears also slowly open



The teeth begin to appear 


If all goes well, they grow very quickly
pup 2 days old and pup 3,5 weeks old


,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Something I`d like to say...........

Please look at this photo. This is Tess looking for reassurance just before her pups were born. Tess had a difficult delivery.
Through the whole process of the birth, you`re allowed to be with her, allowed to touch her pups, she trusts me fully for 100%
Each time I experience the birth as a wonder but one that comes with alot of stress and sleepless nights
What I don`t understand is that alot of breeders after having a few litters from a bitch can turn around and say "Right! That`s it! We`ve had some nice pups from you but it`s over and you can spend your old age with someone else.
My feelings don`t allow me to do this and I don`t want to be one of those breeders.
You share the good and bad together. Til death us do part.....

 ....I suppose every breeder does it in his or her own way....


For whatever reason the bitch doesn`t produce a litter anymore, the best solution is sterilisation especially if she is amongst males.That`s what we decided for our Nayna.

Well, here I lie in a stupid suit in a baby embarassing! Betsy thought I was falling in love too much with handsome men and decided to end it all. How`s that for appreciation!!! I`ve given her three beautiful daughters but I suppose she`s right. I`m going on pension now but will remain here to enjoy my old age and stay the "big boss" for a long time to come. First my bloed was tested to see whether my liver and kidneys were working properly and also my sugar and protein count were checked. Thankfully I`m in tip top condition except the men haven`t got a clue what`s going on and are keeping me company.



my bodyguards


scar about  6cm.


Nayna is doing well but we hope she doesn`t get too fat because that`s a risk you take with sterilisation. My vet and I are against sterilisation before the first cycle. Why??? Firstly, the anesthetic for a pup weighs much heavier in my mind than for a fully grown dog. Secondly, you have no idea when the pup is coming into heat so the process of changes in her body could already be taking place meaning that the uterus is growing and blood vessels swelling up bringing extra risks. Our advise is ,wait at least until the first cycle has occured and then about 10 weeks after that.Then her body and hormones should be back to normal. I prefer only the removal of the ovaries but after the age of three most vets advise the removal of the uterus as well.
Behind the saying, take everything out then she can`t get cancer there, I found ridiculous.Of course she can`t get cancer there anymore but it seems as if all dogs are getting cancer of the uterus. Consider that her charakter can change, sometimes for better but also sometimes for worse, weight problems, weak bladder and not all dogs coats thrive from this. Some have been known to lose their glow and feel like rope.
My feelings for having such a young pup sterilised also come from within. Let the pup be a pup.Her character and coat haven`t even been formed yet.
In a couple of years ,you`ll be able to buy a pup with or without uterus in America because there they are already sometimes sterilising at the age of 12 weeks.
My stomach turns everytime I think about it!



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