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Our kennel is in Overijssel  in Beautifull   Goor  "Hof van Twente"     


In the East of Netherland ...near the  German Border and  1.45 min  --  135 km  from Airport Schiphol Amsterdam

Coming from the A1 exit Markelo. nr.27  /   coming via Enschede  take Delden
Couperusstraat 16
7471 ZZ Goor - Twente
The Netherlands
tel. 0547 272386
International: + 31(0)547-272386

We live150 m. from the woods where you will often find us.

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About us..meet our Family

Being alfa leader (I`m allowed to clean up all the pooh) , I`ll start with myself.

My name is Betsy van Nijen
Construction year:   a  secret mystery...LOL

Hobbies: Singing -dancing on Highschool working with Animals in Shelters and rescue

going out for Diner , sleeping in late, walking with the dogs and always in for a bit of fun. .


+31 (0) 547 272386







                 MEET OUR FAMILY              
My daughter: Patricia and her daughter Romée
BORN ; 6-11-1979

Hobbies:  ballroom-Latyn  dancing- soundmix and playbackshows -COMPETION  Dancing with Stars                  
Has been played together with her boyfrend Herjan in TV serie Spangas as  a dance teacher...

Loves her childeren Romée and Merijn

 and sometimes showing and training  the dogs. (but loves shopping more)

Granddaughter Romée:
Born: 20-11-2004

Hobbies:  Eating, laughing and cuddling and our big Help             she is training  Chasyn for the Dog-Child show..

My Grandson Justin is Born on 01-06 -2007                 His favorit is playing  Aport with Mitch ,,    who is food motiveded         

My son: Dennis and his son Justin
Construction year: 20-01-1982

Hobbies: Cars, making and presenting radio programs  on internet. and   webdisigner   

Cuddling our dogs (mostly when his latest girl friend has made her exit) biggerst hobby his son Justin



My  son in Law ?? Herjan here with my Grandson Merijn 

 :Hobbies:  ballroom-Latyn  dancing- soundmix and playbackshows -COMPETION  Dancing with Stars                  Has been played together with my daughter Patricia  in TV serie SpangaS as  a dance teacher..presenting every Saterday radio program with  Radio Reggestad in Goor. And helping me with computer also webdesign .

Loves Patric and his Kids very much...


Merijn and Cameron on TOUR                                       Merijn love  Cars and Cameron.    Born on 08 -04-2008


In association with the word kennel we often think of dogs kept in kennels outside the home atmosphere.We don`t consider that a good name for us because all the dogs are part of our household whether they are rescue dogs, here on holiday or puppies.

Our puppies are born in the livingroom or bedroom.The first few weeks I sleep in the same room with the pups. We do our best to get the pups familiar with everyday noises in the home. At 6 weeks of age the pups get their own collar and we walk them on a leash or at least try to get them used to this. Before they leave us, they are on solid food.No messy porridges to worry about.

Our pups have their wurm cures at 2-4-6 and 8 weeks. At the age of three weeks, they socialize with the older dogs. At 6 weeks they have their first puppy cocktail shot and at about 7 weeks, their eyes are tested for C.E.A.
At between 8-9 weeks if all health checks are cleared ,they go to their new owners.

As the breeder, I have the right to first choice of the litter Male or Female . we make a choice age 8-12 weeks

As to how the pups develop, often depends on the character of the pup and a large portion also lies in the hands of the new owner. Take the sheltie everywhere and let it get used to different situations. I often hear that shelties can be noisy.Don`t allow it.If you don`t want the dog on the couch later, don`t allow it as a pup.

Shelties are eager to learn but most certainly not always outgoing to everyone. Sorry, but I don`t like everyone either. A sheltie will come in it`s own time. The more pressure it`s under, the less it likes it. Because of their subtle characters, they are sensitive to an angry voice.Actually a raised voice isn`t necessary with a sheltie. Compare it to a child, they have to learn everything but with given time.

If your neighbour`s dog is housetrained after two weeks, that`s great for her but I`ve never managed it that quickly. It`s good to know that all dogs get housetrained eventually, some sooner than others.

If your dog has show potential, take it to a show or clubmatch.We love to help in that field too.

We have tips for ears if they decide to stand up and live a life of their own on our grooming pages.

Questions? Please ring us.

Find.a lot of information  grooming page also Breeding page

We wish all our dogs the very best.,,,

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