Blue Heavens A Secret Mystery "Cameron"
                                    imp:  USA geboren in   ( Wisconsin) High Chapperal,  city Marshall            
                               Informatie over Cameron en zijn Kinderen ...       information about Cameron and his Kids

                USA:  net  7 weken oud Cameron

 12 weken oud in NL

                      Op 4 october 2007  Wereld Dierendag hebben we Cameron van Schiphol AMS opgehaald  toen 12 weken oud ,
                                        4 th october  we went to Schiphol Airport pick up Cameron a little puppy 12 weeks old
                      .bij Meeting point   Schiphol     Foto's Lenny                       kennismaken met Chasyn en Chermaine
                                                                 meet Chasyn and Chermaine  all Barking English LOL
                                                                                              My first  Baby Show 15 weeks old

                                                             NSV  Dutch sheltie Champion schow  2007  3th best baby Male  entree; 8

                                                              1 Year later  Dutch Sheltie show  2008 1 Excellent best Junior  J.CAC  entree 16 

                                                                        Dutch Sheltie show  2009   3 Excellent openkl.        entree  15  

                                                                                    Switserland St Gallen 2009  CAC +   res. CAC   

                                                                  Klik op de kennel naam en geniet van Cameron zijn kinderen.
                                          Meer informatie over karakter stamboom en training          klik hier  onze Boy  Cameron
                            Enkele Kids van Cameron wonen in het buitenland o.a in              16  verschillende landen   
 Nederland - Duitsland - Oostenrijk   Hongarije- SloveniŽ - taliŽ - Portugal - Spanje -  BelgiŽ -Luxemburg-Frankrijk
                                          -  Dubai (UAE) - Mexico                             Denemarken - Noorwegen en Finland
                                                                           All  pups CEA clear  free from all eye diseases
                                                      More information and  pedigree :  training :  see our             Boy  Cameron
                                                         Kids living in  16 other Country's   of  course in the Netherlands
                                                                   Unit Arab Emer (Dubai) -  Mexico - Hongary -Slovenia
      Germany - Belgium - Luxembourg -  France - Austria -  ItaliŽ - Portugal - Spain.-  Danmark - Norway and Finland
of Desert Meadow"  SM Joya -  Zyra - Darcy  - LT - Darcy 2 Wildwood Flower   Amy  of Angels Beauty (D)
Lilly  (D)   export :  export:: Austria - Belgium - Spain- ItaliŽ  Amy  + Flame   export::  Gwendy  2 --Get the Power  
 Austria - NL -ItaliŽ  Ver Arab Emiraten  Dubai  UAE. -Mexico Germany  Austria - Spain  Norway export: Nederland - Belgium .
  Hongar- Finland -Germany    
Wonderland Kida (D)  Mons Plutonis  (D)  Curly  sue   Gladys Abayomi Forever    Montana Spirit (A) Montana
export::Luxemburg  2 Danmark + 2 NL+ 1 Portugal  3 NL  Galeschka       export : Germany
     Waggly's Sm   Bewitched at Charmed Corinja Dapple  My only Dreamer  Tess 
  Noa laila  export :Norway - Belgium  export:: Belgium 
von Burg venhaus (D)  Teckelen burge Berg  (D) Lilly  vom Habichthorst  (D) Von der Schapener toedde 
India 1 export Belgium    Chiela  Tina  Inga  export::2 Netherland Yuma 2  export NL Debbie (D) 1 export  NL
                                                         All color Kids our Cameron    all CEA Clear
                                Back   in  Bi Black      Cameron with his Secret Mystery KIDS


                                   Cameron with daughters Montana Yara Wembley and son Guiness
Girl  Secret Mystery Camerons Eye Catcher  .Yara     MDR 1 +/+  Bi Black Mimiteh   Montana (A)        Janis Joplin  (A)  Non WF  
 33.5 cm  Non WF    full dention     35 cm    Non WF factor   ( Agility)    34 cm  MDR1 +/+    full dention
 3th BIS  Pupcl  and  4  excellent                  Wiildwood   Flowers   ( Agility ) 
......................               ..
 Girl ,  Secret Mystery Gone like the Wind  Wembley (ES) SM . It's all Heaven  Guiness  (Dubai)
                              Girl ,  Secret Mystery   She stole my Heart Montana stay with us.
                                              all geneticul. CEA and MDR 1+/+ free         100 %  USA line  
                                                                        Bi factor .. Dark Sables   
  Cameron daughter Yinte  9 months old  MDR +/+ white factor  35.5 cm      Full dention
 Show:1 BIS  Baby   3th BIS Pup  3 Excellent   
Secret Mystery Jingle Bells Cammy  37 cm Full dention MDR 1+/+ show:              1 Very Promising   NL  non white factor


"Dotsi dreamer  Brisingr CamLav          Izzy  


Secret Mystery for Joya's Eyes only Beethoven  (A)  39  cm    3 Excellent                Geneticul  CEA free    MDR1+/+  HD              Full dention   non white factor      


C J .   Cameron junior MOM  .Amy from Heavens Garden
                  Secret Mystery      Blue merle and White .. no Tan                Darcy x Cameron

              Indigo stay with us,  

SM    Indigo Blue Diamond     Indigo  SM            Dance like A Wolf    …ona  Belgium  SM Got the BLues for You   Silver  Finnland
     geneticul CEA and  MDR free     36 cm    geneticul     CEA and MDR free      34 cm       geneticul  CEA and MDR free     36 cm
   Full dention  WF   1 Very Promising                 Full dention     Promising   non WF                      Fulle dention     non WF  ?
                    Bi Blue of   Blue merle and White .. no Tan
Wildwood Flowers  Maya  girl  White factor  MDR1+/+    38  cm  Full dention... Best puppy  female  Norway and Sweden Excellent


Corinja's.Bi Blue Boy Ice 9 mnd   MDR 1+/+  non WF.  Full dention  37cm    Best Puppy   Excellent and   BIS   HD A Norway and Sweden -Danmark  Standing in Norway as STUD


  My only Dreamer Daisy MDR1 +/+ white factor   37 cm          3th Best baby -8th best puppy  in BIS    Full..dention  .                                                          


SM Dance with a Wolf   …ona
Non White Factor
 Bi Blue Splitface. 100 % USA line
Darcy x Cameron MDR1 +/+
Genetisch CEA/CH Normal  vrij
Youngdogshow   entree 12 baby's  NSV
Montana cute baby
Eona Funny Baby






             Blue merle /    TAN
Bue merle boy Silver  8 wk MDR ?  37cm   white factor Wildwood Flowers   Full dention Vom Habrichthorst   blue girl and boy Yorka 7 mnd  MDR1 +/+ non White factor Corinja's Blue merle Girl  35 cm Full dention
                                                                                  Tri color   
Binger Boo Boy  Promising Puppykl 2009 MDR ? white factor  39 cm           Desert Meadow  Full dention



Lena girl   9 wk   WF      Full dention  genetisch CEA  + MDR free     Very Promising   Best Puppy Tecklenburge Berge  35.5 cm...HD A PL free



  Secret Mystery Giorgio Armani Gio  boy non white factor MDR +/+ 30cm  Full dention   lives in Mexico




                   Blaze J.CAC  Germany  Excellent  as studdog
Holly J .CAC and litter sister Lucy  J.CAC   Germany
          Lenie   met Luna 3th best Baby in show






                                                                Agility Kids  Dogdancing  Cameron
                   Bi Black Sheepy Agility Portugal Lissabon         Bi Black Jimi training in Spain  Valencia
  watch-v=JgQfyZW3fcI& watch-v=5bpt5ENFHRo&feature=em-share_video_user

  .             Sheepy Europe open sheltie 2012 Italie

                             Bi Black Janis training in Austria           Bi Black Raven training Germany
 Tri color   Abby training in Germany     Tri color   Cindy  Europe open  shelties 2012 in Italie
Bi Black Cox     training in Austria  Bi Black Fiero training in NL Agility Dogdancing Sheepherding
...    .
Neo  nr 1 bi black and litter sister Abby  nr 3  in Danmark \watch-v=_mKQS2T1its                 and Wembley in Spain
 Luna x Cameron Coco Chanel 9 maanden Austria
..............             ....Cameron                   7 maanden oud en Zie hoe ik groei                   7 months old zie how I grow,   


  2008      Cameron werd 4de Best in Show in Rijssen /   4 th Best in Show ...
Jeugdklasse 1 .J.CAC  N.S.V                        /           Junior class 1 J.CAC Dutch kennelclub
2009. St Gallen Zwitserland                              1x  CH.CAC en  1 x res. CH .CAC

Staat ter dekking / as stud 
Geboren / Born : 09-07-2007
100% American bloodline
Zwart / Wit --   Bi-  black + WF.
Schoft /Height 36 cm 14.2 inc

MDR 1 +/+  genetisch vrij //    Free
Eyes: CEA/ CH genetisch vrij ; Free / Normal
  [optigentest] 2008 //   Distichiasis vrij / free
Compleet gebit / full dention.
HD-A  [ HD vrij ]
Hipps Excellent.

Cameron 15 maanden ///  Cameron 15 months 
Fotoīs Nadine Witt
Onze Panda beer
Cameron 18 maanden / months     Foto's Jan. 2009 Krijgt een mooie dikke vacht .// Beautiful thick black coat.
   Nog steeds kijk ik erg PIENTER                                                           uit mijn  ondeugende oogjes  ,,,                            Look in my eyes and see how  cleaver and naughty Iīm .
2 jaar 2 years
Camerons zoon /son  Beethoven lives in Austria Camerons dochter / daughter Yara stay with us.
3.5 jaar
Spirit dogs ItalIŽ  Irina of The Four Bees Belgium Didi  Fearless Flying Catch NL Brainpools  Zimra Sweden
Tamduro  Yma NL von der Nord Helle  (D) Debbie


voor meer informatie ,
karakter stamboom en showresultaten
zie Roedelpagina :: Our Boys
More Information can be found ...
      see our Dogs page :: Our  Boys       
Caracter --show results --Pedigree


Cameron is weinig veranderd,
Nog steeds is iedereen verliefd op hem
en dat is nog steeds wederzijds.
Werklust als een Border Collie...
Uiterlijk en gedrag nog steeds een Puber.
en absoluut geen zware USA bone.
zijn mannelijkheid heeft hij al bewezen.
misschien wordt hij nu eindelijk een ..grote..vent.
Cameron has changed very little.
Everybody is still in love with him, and that is
vice versa. He wants to work like a border collie.
He still looks and behaves like an adolescent.
He does not have the heavy bones most
USA shelties have.
He has proved his manliness.
Maybe he will be a grown up guy at last!



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